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  Hello, and welcome to Sno To Go South, where our goal is your 100% satisfaction. Sno To Go South was founded in July of 1986 and from the outset, our commitment has been to quality and personalized service to make you, our friend and customer, feel welcome and appreciated. If we fall short of any of these goals, please let us know.
  Here at Sno To Go South we are always striving to increase the quality of our food and our service. With the exception of a few items, everything we sell is made fresh daily. We purchase only lean ground beef, which is freshly ground every day at Lakeside Meats. Our chicken strips are the finest you can buy, cut from the heart of the breast to make them tender and juicy. Our enchilada plates are prepared totally from scratch. We make our own enchilada sauce, fresh beans (not canned), and our own Spanish rice. Our onion rings, along with our steak fingers, are hand cut and dipped.
    Our commitment to quality has led us to change the oil we use to fry our foods in. Previously, we had always fried our foods using a high-quality pure vegetable oil, however, as of March 10, 1993, we switched to a 100% pure canola oil which has 50% less saturated fat than even corn oil, and is cholesterol-free.  

    We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our food and also to make it healthier. We are genuinely concerned about not only serving food that tastes good, but food that is as healthy for you as we can make it.

    At Sno To Go South, we prepare each order by hand as we get it. Never do we cook ahead. Sometimes we make mistakes for which we apologize. If this happens, please let us know and we assure you that we will make it right.
    We like to respond to your special needs. If you don't see something on the menu, please ask for it and if we have it, we will make it. We also prepare lunches for shift workers and cook for large groups.
   Remember, this is your store, so your business as well as your feedback is greatly appreciated!

The foundation under which      
Sno To Go South and our personal
lives are built upon is found
in Galatians 2:20


Thank you,

Clint & Cindy

We are very excited to now be able to accept all forms of electronic payment including the new forms of contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay as well as Credit and Debit cards.

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Sno To Go South
1713 S Canal St
Carlsbad, NM 88220


We are next to the Chevron station on the corner of South Canal & Fiesta.


Call or come buy. We have two drive-thru windows as well as two walk up windows to serve you.

Phone: 575-885-0477

Fax:      575-885-0837


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